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What to Plant Under a Fig Tree?

    When I first searched for companion plants for my fig trees, I thought to myself, “Is there a carnivorous plant that consumes birds and squirrels?” because that would be really helpful sometimes. I wasn’t actually serious, but at least there are companion plants that protect fig trees from insect pests and benefit fig growth. What… Read More »What to Plant Under a Fig Tree?

    Do Figs Like Full Sun?

      Fig trees are well known as sun-loving Mediterranean climate trees. That’s why they do well in states like California. But a question always appears, do fig trees like full sun, or should it be limited? In my experience, the answer can depend on many things like the type of climate and the size of the… Read More »Do Figs Like Full Sun?

      How Deep To Plant a Fig Tree?

        I couldn’t believe it when I saw how little information there is about how deep to plant a fig tree on the internet. What’s even worse, there is almost none about how a hole for in-ground planting should look like, how and where you should place it, and so on. Most depth recommendations I’ve seen… Read More »How Deep To Plant a Fig Tree?