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Fertilizing Fig Trees in Containers

    Fertilizing potted fig trees is a lot different than fertilizing in-ground trees. It’s more restrictive in a way that you cannot use any fertilizer you want and still get results. The scarcity of resources in potted soil means there are strict nutrient requirements to follow. But restrictions in fertilizer use go even further than that,… Read More »Fertilizing Fig Trees in Containers

    Improved Celeste vs. Celeste

      I’ve recently seen a lot of confusion about what exactly Improved Celeste is. Seems two groups of people can’t agree upon which variety should hold that name. We have to distinguish which variety Improved Celeste is in order to do a valid comparison with Celeste fig. Let’s see what LSU breeds are and how they… Read More »Improved Celeste vs. Celeste

      When To Stop Fertilizing Fig Trees?

        There are many articles about fertilizing fig trees around the web, but most fail to answer some of the most crucial questions for successful fig production each year. Therefore, not to repeat what everyone else has written I decided to focus on questions they didn’t answer. Specifically; when to stop fertilizing, why to stop fertilizing,… Read More »When To Stop Fertilizing Fig Trees?