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Fig Tree and Fruit Growing

Do Figs Like Full Sun?

    Fig trees are well known as sun-loving Mediterranean climate trees. That’s why they do well in states like California. But a question always appears, do fig trees like full sun, or should it be limited? In my experience, the answer can depend on many things like the type of climate and the size of the… Read More »Do Figs Like Full Sun?

    How Deep To Plant a Fig Tree?

      I couldn’t believe it when I saw how little information there is about how deep to plant a fig tree on the internet. What’s even worse, there is almost none about how a hole for in-ground planting should look like, how and where you should place it, and so on. Most depth recommendations I’ve seen… Read More »How Deep To Plant a Fig Tree?

      Are Eggshells, Coffee Grounds, and Banana Peels Good for Fig Trees?

        Using food leftovers as organic fertilizers certainly has its good and bad sides. I’ve noticed it grows in popularity, year by year. Many people asked me, “isn’t using food leftovers such as coffee grounds, banana peels, and eggshells more natural?”. But what exactly isn’t natural about standard fertilizers? Everything in them is just extracted from… Read More »Are Eggshells, Coffee Grounds, and Banana Peels Good for Fig Trees?

        Is My Fig Tree Dead?

          I would love it if growing fig trees were even easier than it is. Unfortunately, as much as fig trees are known for their adaptiveness and endurance, there are things that they can really struggle with. Don’t let that discourage any of you from growing them. After all, when we consider everything about them, figs… Read More »Is My Fig Tree Dead?