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Fig Tree and Fruit Growing

Can Edible Figs Grow Indoors?

    A fig tree is an excellent choice for people new to tree plants because of its versatility and adaptability. Fig trees are easy to size and shape, and that’s a big plus when considering indoor trees. Edible figs can grow indoors in containers if all their requirements are met. Since they need lots of sunlight,… Read More »Can Edible Figs Grow Indoors?

    What to Plant Under a Fig Tree?

      When I first searched for companion plants for my fig trees, I thought to myself, “Is there a carnivorous plant that consumes birds and squirrels?” because that would be really helpful sometimes. I wasn’t actually serious, but at least there are companion plants that protect fig trees from insect pests and benefit fig growth. What… Read More »What to Plant Under a Fig Tree?