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Fig Tree and Fruit Growing

Where Are Smyrna Figs Grown?

    This is a story about a journey of fig variety known as Smyrna from Turkey to California. But before we get to the journey, let’s see what Smyrna variety is and where it grows. What Are Smyrna Figs? Unlike common fig varieties, the Smyrna fig requires pollination to produce fruit. The fruits of Smyrna fig… Read More »Where Are Smyrna Figs Grown?

    Fertilizing Fig Trees in Containers

      Fertilizing potted fig trees is a lot different than fertilizing in-ground trees. It’s more restrictive in a way that you cannot use any fertilizer you want and still get results. The scarcity of resources in potted soil means there are strict nutrient requirements to follow. But restrictions in fertilizer use go even further than that,… Read More »Fertilizing Fig Trees in Containers