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Fig Tree and Fruit Growing

Will Figs Ripen in Cool Weather?

    Fig trees are often planted in California and other warm climates because they need lots of sun and warmth to ripen their fruit. However, some gardeners in colder areas have wondered if figs will ripen in cool weather. Figs will not ripen in cold weather, but they can be ripened in slightly cool weather. Ripening… Read More »Will Figs Ripen in Cool Weather?

    Where Do Figs Grow in the US?

      While figs are grown in many parts of the world, they are actually native to western Asia and the Mediterranean region. So, where do figs grow in the US? Figs are reliably grown in USDA zones 8-10, which include the majority of the South and West Coast, mainly California, where the majority of commercially grown… Read More »Where Do Figs Grow in the US?

      Pruning Fig Trees in Pots

        In my opinion, people value pruning way more than they should when it comes to small and young fig trees. Pruning is mainly used to shape fig trees at an early stage of their life. The problem I have with pruning is that no one ever asks if pruning is the best method for many… Read More »Pruning Fig Trees in Pots

        How Long Do Fig Trees Live?

          Most of us fall in love with fig trees as soon as we plant them. Mainly because they are easy to grow and can live for many years with proper care. Fig tree lifespan will depend on various factors, such as the type of fig tree, the climate it is grown in, and how well… Read More »How Long Do Fig Trees Live?