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Fig Tree and Fruit Growing

Air Layering Fig Trees

    I know many ways to propagate fig trees, but my favorite must be air layering. It’sIt’s just so reliable once you get the hang of it. It has a learning curve that I’d like to make easier for you. It might seem way more complicated than other propagation methods, but if you stick with me… Read More »Air Layering Fig Trees

    Peter’s Honey Fig vs Kadota

      Peter’s Honey and Kadota are fig varieties that often, like many others, get confused. Are they the same fig variety, and if not, how are they different? Those are the two questions usually asked about Kadota and Peter’s Honey fig. There are even those who swear they are the same fig variety. Are Peter’s Honey… Read More »Peter’s Honey Fig vs Kadota

      Staking Fig Tree

        It’s widely known that young wood on fig trees is weak. As strong as they are fully developed, fig trees are susceptible to breaking early on. One thing people always jump to is staking young fig trees. But do they really help the tree in the long run? Staking is a viable option to protect… Read More »Staking Fig Tree